Are the taxis in Coventry display rogue behavior as alleged by public?

Taxis are meant for people’s service. They are an important mode of transport on which many of us depend on, when we need door to door pickup and drop services. Also, it is the preferred choice when one wants to have some privacy during travel. We definitely do not mind spending a little more on a taxi as compared to other common transport modes like buses or trains.

Taxis in Coventry recently have been getting ill reviews on their service to the public. This particularly has affected the students living in the area. Many of the students are planning on starting their internship in these companies so they can help improvise the service rendered.

Half of them have complaints that the cabs do not respond to short distance travel. The taxi drivers do not help disabled students to get off at their destinations. There are also reports on sexism and refusal of lesser reasonable fares.

Female students are concerned about their safety during the nights. Cabs do not stop by to pick them and the students end up walking long distances, with anxiety and fear. To make things worse, they are also called names by the cab drivers. Most Coventry taxis are extremely expensive these days, but you can still book one online simply by clicking a button.

This scenario surely has to improve or else taxis are not going to be a reliable mode of transport. The decision of the student’s council to work on the service is brilliant and will definitely help in improving the current situation.


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