Little Money- Less Time- High Rewards ? Look Out For The Best Short Term Investments

Looking for an investment for a shorter duration with high returns? Here are a few options for you with a duration varying from a few months to 3 years. One should consider the risk behind the product before he/she makes an investment. You could opt for an SB account or a fixed deposit in a bank that offers you the highest rate of interest. You could also choose the treasury securities offered by the government. They offer high liquidity and great returns. 

They offer from 9% to 12%, which are the highest so far. If you want to invest in mutual funds then a Fixed Maturity Plan would be the best. Certificate of Deposits also provide a very good option but the returns are high only if the maturity period is over.  Before making any decision, look into the timing of cash flows, information about the issuer and the credit in order to safeguard your best short term investments.



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